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What is the backlink?

When one web links to another, backlinks are created. They are also known as inbound or incoming links.

Backlinks are very important because they tend to have a positive effect on the site rank position and its visibility to the searcher.

Backlinks are very essential to SEO because they are considered a vote of trust; If many sites link to the same webpage or website, search engines view it as content worth linking to and therefore worth surfacing.

In Off-Site SEO, earning backlinks is very important, which is a process known as link earning or link building.

The most desired backlinks to earn are the trustworthy ones, popular and coming from high authority sites. While backlinks from an unpopular, low authority and spammy sites are not much desired. So, some backlinks are more valuable than other backlinks.

Links you create also differ in their value, such as the anchor texts used, following or not following the link content can affect the value of the links.

Backlinks may take a long time to earn trust, and new sites may find it difficult to understand where to start. So competitive backlinks research role is for new site owners to examine a collection of pages and links of a competitor that is already ranking to search for a target of keywords.

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Updated on: 22/03/2023

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