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10 SEO tips

First off, to start implementing effective SEO efforts, we need to have a solid understanding of What is SEO? and how to start working on different SEO strategies and tips

👇Here is our short guide on the 10 most effective tips to consider when working on your website SEO👇

Most important SEO tips

If you want to use JavaScript in the drop-down menus and you want to place links on images, be sure to create a page on a site where all links to your site are placed without exception.

The content of your site is the king for Google and other search engines, so make sure you are putting quality and unique content on your site.

If the page content is the king, the internal links and backlinks are the queens, so build a network of internal and external links to your site with targeted keywords.

Make sure to vary the keywords used in the meta description and meta tags, especially in the title tag. Each page of your website should have a title different from the other pages.

Renewable content factor to improve your ranking in search engine results. Regularly updating your site's content makes search engine spiders look at you and visit your site regularly. This is evidenced by websites and newspaper sites, which change their content every day. The search engine spiders love it and always come up with the highest results and get high rankings. It does not mean that you change the content of your pages every day, but create new ones every time as regularly as possible.

When you place a link on your site to another page within your site too, use keywords in this link and avoid using Click here or read more or other similar words.

When designing a new site, you should choose a designer who understands the basics of SEO and the obstacles of search engine spiders. So that a site is designed and optimized to appear on search engines.

Use targeted keywords in images, links, and page titles, wherever you can place keywords.

Creating a 404 error page is very important for Google.

When you create backlinks to your site on other sites, remember that the most important thing is the quality of these backlinks, Not their numbers, meaning that if you got 10 backlinks from sites that Google trusts in better than putting hundreds of links in sites that are not important.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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