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How to improve your domain authority?

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a score (of 100 points) set by MOZ where you can predict the ranking that your site might get in the search engines.

Domain Authority is used to compare one site to another Or determine the strengths of a site. MOZ calculates this metric by several factors, including the links that come to your site from the root pages, the number of links that refer to your site, MozRank, MozTrust, and so on.

To determine the domain authority, MOZ programmed a system that calculates the number of metrics of the site, such as Google algorithms. It included more than 40 points for evaluation. This means that the domain is not static but is volatile. For this reason, it is better to use a domain as a competitive metric against other sites than to measure internal SEO factors.

Although the Domain Authority measures the strength of a domain hierarchy, Page Authority measures the strength of individual pages. The same is true for MozRank and MozTrust standards.

The most important factors affecting the domain


Domain authority relies heavily on the number of domains or sites that refer to your site. This means that if you've got 50 backlinks from 50 different domains, it is much better than getting 100 backlinks from one domain or site. This in short, means that increasing the number of Domains that refers to your site indirectly helps to raise the ranking of your website.


MoRank is a factor based on creating a link profile for each site and gives a ranking of 0-to-10 for the top and the best. MoRank determines the quality of each backlink pointing to your site, so getting a few high-quality backlinks is much better than having a large number of low quality backlinks.


MozTrust is similar to MozRank, but it focuses on how close your site content is with sites that refer to you and the credibility of the site from which you got backlinks, so if your site is talking about cars and you got a backlink from a site that is talking about cooking, This is definitely bad and will reduce your site ranking in MozTrust. As for credibility, if your site gets a link from Wikipedia or Microsoft or educational sites that end with .edu or news sites, this will give a strong boost to the score of MozTrust.

Content quality:

Good content is key to any improvement in SiO. When you write quality content, it will give you more ranking because many of your visitors will share your site on the media or on their websites. This means that, indirectly, your site's domain rating will increase.

Social signals:
This is also a factor responsible for the growth of authority, by the number of posts link articles on social networking sites will increase the domain authority well because it means that your site helps people, and therefore, they shared the content of the site.

Compatibility with search engines:

By SEO, your site will appear in the SERP based on search queries that may be increasing if you are targeting good keywords. This means that a lot of visitors will read your content and thus will raise the authority.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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