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What is the anchor text?

Anchor text is often described as the text that is visible and clickable in the hyperlink. It's usually blue and underlined.

Anchor text in SEO must be relevant to the page it’s linking to.

Anchor text provides relevant information to both search engines and users.

The color and the underlining can be changed through HTML code.

Types of anchor text :

exact match: anchor text that includes a keyword that describes or mirrors the page that is being linked to

partial match: anchor text that includes various keywords

branded: where the brand name is used as an anchor text

naked link: a URL that is used as an anchor text such as

generic: a phrase or a word such as click here

images: if an image is linked google will use the text in the image as an attribute to the anchor text

An SEO-friendly anchor text must be

Low keyword density

Not generic

Relevant to the page linked to


There is no specific length for any anchor text, but it’s important that the anchor text be succinct as possible and you should take into your consideration two important things

A. What is the most accurate way to describe your page

B. Choosing the word that would encourage users to click on the link

Google began to look at the anchor text after the new Penguin algorithm update so if two sites have the same anchor text it may start to appear suspicious that the links were not acquired naturally so it’s important to use specific keywords and anchor texts whenever possible.

SEO specialists will get better results when they start using various anchor texts.

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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