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Bounce rate effect on SEO

What is the bounce rate and how does it affect SEO?

In the world of search engine technologies, there are a lot of terms that can be unclear to ordinary people.
One of these terms that make up a user's mix is bounce rate

We often see this word in Google Analytics or any other analytics that we might use to analyze sites.
As for its technical definition, It is the visitor who arrives on your website, sees one page, and then leaves the site immediately.
Therefore, the bounce rate is the total number of visits that saw only one page divided by the total number of visits to your website.

High bounce rate is not wanted by developers and SEO researchers because it shows that visitors come to your site and then did not find what they were looking for and they leave immediately.
To stay in 1st result in search engines, you'll need to improve the ranking of your pages and also reduce the bounce rate to the lowest possible percentage by providing your site with your unique content.

It is very important to note that there are good frequency rates and bad frequency rates. As for the good rates, we may notice that some sites have a very high bounce rate but the time spent on the page is also very high, which tells that the visitor has actually found what he is looking for.
The bad rate is those that are very high and the time spent by the visitor is very low which indicates that the visitor did not find what he was looking for nor did any of the other visitors.

On the other hand, the bad bounce rate can also be when the actual time of the visitor arrives at 0 or so, it means that the visitor did not find anything to read so left quickly and this is very bad for the site owner as it may be classified within the Sites that are considered to be spam.

How to reduce bounce rate?

The most important advice for you today for a lower bounce rate is the design of the site: Sometimes the design may not be noticeable or friendly so you have to focus on drawing visitors' attention to other items on your site that may help to reduce the bounce rate.

Watch this video for more information about bounce rate: Google Analytics -Bounce Rate

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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