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How to add funds with PayPal?

To benefit from SEOeStore Panel Services, You have to go with three steps:

Add funds
Make Order
Check reports

Let's start with the first step Add funds;

SEOeStore Panel helps you with many payment options, at the top of which you can find “PayPal” option
To know how to pay via PayPal, you have to log into your SEOeStore Panel first

Then click Add Funds at the top main menu

This will take you to the payment options page

On this page you will see:

Top up special offers: that you can choose from them.. if you select one of them and clicked Pay Only $..., that will take you to the PayPal payment page directly to pay the selected offer amount.
Payment options: PayPal and other options like Payoneer, bitcoin,etc
Note: Before payment, you have to read all Payment/Refund Policy.
If you agree on the payment notes and decide to add balance to your account, you can do that by writing your payment amount for ex: $1 and click Add Funds. It will take you to PayPal

Enter your PayPal account email
Enter Your password

Then click Log in
That will take you to the next step

Choose your credit card that you want to pay with

Then click Continue to go to the next step

It will remind you with the payment details:

Ship to: the person details "username and address" who the payment shipped to
Pay with: the MasterCard that you chose before

If you want to change one of them, Just click change
After revision all details, click Pay Now
Now, you have paid your amount successfully!

Click Return to Merchant to go back to your SEOeStore account
You will see this successful payment message!

Updated on: 04/07/2022

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