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How to add funds with Payoneer?

SEOeStore has various payment gateways like Payoneer, Visa, Bitcoins and Neteller.

After becoming one of SEOeStore users, you will need to add funds to benefit from SEOeStore Panel services!
SEOeStore Panel helps you with several payment options other than PayPal one
Let's take a look at them..
First you need to log into your SEOeStore account

Then click Add Funds at the top left, that will take you to the add funds page.

You can view Payoneer as a payment option there.

After clicking on Payoneer, this form will show up

First: Send payment to Payoneer email:

Note 1: Here, You can find How to Pay a Payoneer User
Note 2: Minimum deposit is $50

Second: after payment please fill the next form which includes:

Write your Payment amount (minimum deposit is $50)
Enter Your Payoneer email
Check the small to confirm that payment was successfully sent.

Then click Submit

This form details will be sent to the SEOeStore Panel as a ticket, after we check the payment we will tell you that your funds have been added successfully!

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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