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What happens after I make the payment?

Your balance takes a while till it’s reflected in your account balance depending on the selected payment method.
You can view your account balance on the top-right part of the page.

Made a payment and it's not added to your account balance?

Your account balance should take a while to be reflected.
Please make sure the selected payment option is valid for your card.
Also, make sure the payment process was successful on the payment provider platform.
You can file a ticket to our sales team under the category of “Sales'' submitting your payment info so that our team can report your payment status and credit your account balance as soon as possible.

My order is canceled but how to check if the balance returned back to my account balance?

By checking Payment History

And making a little comparison between Deposits, Orders, Bonuses & Coupons in terms of balance shown for each section.

Deposits refers to the total amount added to your account balance. Orders refers to the total value of orders made from your account.

Is there a Top-Up offer on my next payment?

TopUp offers are determined by how much your deposit will be as you can view all Top-Up offers
The higher your deposit amount is, the higher the bonus offer you will receive.

Are there more available payment methods?

You can check all available Payment Methods.

You can even have access to multiple payment options if you select our payment method “PayPro Global” as you can view all of these options through PayPro Global Payment Methods.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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