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Ordered FM+ campaign, but not all of the links point to my website!

Your FM+ campaign plan provides you with backlinks mixed between T1 & T2.
Tier 1 links are directly pointed to the money site while the links that point to tier 1 links are called Tier 2 links.
These tier 2 links are the backlinks to Tier 1 links so that they pass some authority link juice to tier 1 links.
The authority and value of tier 1 links are increased automatically with the help of Tier 2 links.

I can't find the "Links box" to add my website link while I am making order in "Link Pyramid".

Adding your own domain link while making your order in “Link Pyramid” is not available because all you are asked to submit is your T1 backlink order you already made that will be referred to by your backlinks in the “Link Pyramid” order you are making.
Link Pyramid means that you order tier 2 order, not tier 1 order.

Ordered DA50+, but didn't get 50 backlinks!

DA50+ plan will provide you with backlinks hosted on websites whose DA is 50+
DA = Domain Authority and it’s an assessment (of 100 points) established by MOZ, which is a prediction to determine the expected order that a given page of your site will get in SERP results.
Accordingly, it doesn’t mean that you are going to get 50 backlinks as the quantity of backlinks received for this plan is determined while making your order.
DA50+ = websites hosting your backlinks and these websites DA is 50+, not that you are going to get 50 backlinks.

Ordered FM+ but with quantity 1, but got many backlinks.

FM+ plans are highly recommended for getting many backlinks referring to your website.
1 plan can provide you with hundreds of backlinks mixed between T1 &T2.
This is how FM+ plans work.
FM+ plans vary in terms of the number of provided backlinks, but still, 1 plan can give so many backlinks, not only 1 backlink.

After I got the report, I found that the used articles are not the best for my website niche.

It’s highly recommended that you assign the desired article category matching your niche topic so that our team creates the best matching articles according to your own niche.
If you don’t pick up your article's category, our system will automatically pick the category for you, which may lead to receiving quite unrelated articles in terms of category.

It's mentioned in the service details page "Average unique domains X", But I didn't get this number of unique domains in my report.

The average number of unique domains is always variable as it mainly depends on both, the quantity assigned for your order & the current list of unique domains used by our production team due to the fact that the list is regularly updated, which means new websites are added while other broken websites are deleted.

Ordered WEB2.0 blogs backlinks (Shared accounts), but didn't receive the accounts details.

WEB2.0 blogs backlinks (Shared accounts) plan doesn’t provide you with credentials for your accounts and this is mentioned in the service description.
If you want to get account credentials, you can go for either, WEB2.0 Blogs Premium (Human Quality Content) or WEB2.0 Blogs Dedicated accounts.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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