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How to make order in each service for tier 1 orders?

You need to be logged in so that you have access to this feature and make your T1 order.

First, log in your account by submitting username, email address, and password, then click on the login icon.

Click on “New Order” icon on the homepage as shown below:

T1 backlinks plans can be viewed under the category of “Backlinks”.

After clicking on the “backlinks” icon, you will be directed to a collection of backlinks plans.
T1 plans are divided into “Web 2.0 Blogs”, “Campaigns” & “High DA (PR)” plans.
Please note that the “All Services” section will show all backlinks plans including T1 & T2 services as shown below:

Let's take “Web2.0 Blogs Premium (Human Quality Content)'' as an example of how to make an order for a T1 service.
If you move the cursor on the service section, more details will show up like “minimum quantity” & “price”.
You can also view the icons of both, “Make Order” & “Details”.

If you click on the “Make Order” icon, you will be directed to the making order page related to this service.
If you click on the “Details” icon, you will be directed to the description page of this service to learn more about its features.
The page where you can make an order will give more details regarding extra features, the average unique domains for this kind of service, the price and the quantity you want to order and this is as shown below:

You will also find a section where you can add your links you want the backlinks to work on, a section where you can add your favorite keywords, a section where you can select your favorite article category that matches your website niche and Advanced Options for more special optional features like “Project name” and “Notes”.

When you are all set, you can view the total Price & click on “Make Order” icon

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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