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Some of your FM+ backlinks will not point to your site link!

FM+ campaign includes 2 tiers Link Pyramid campaign.
Tiered link building is one of the most powerful methods of link-building, and it provides a huge number of benefits that can help to protect you from future Google algorithm updates.

Tier 1 links is directly pointed to the money site. And the links that pointed to tier 1 are called as Tier 2 links.

These tier 2 links are the backlink to Tier 1 links so that passes some authority link juice to Tier 1 links. The authority and value of Tier 1 links are increased automatically with the help of Tier 2 links.

If the Tier 1 links get more value, it means your money site also gets more authority and value.

So, some of your FM+ campaign backlinks will point to your site link,
and others will point to the tier 1 backlinks that point to your money sites.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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