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Reset my password

Sometimes you need to change your password, as you think it will be more secure..

Well, lets know how to reset your password?

You need to be logged in so that you have access to this feature and reset your password

First, log in your account by submitting username\email address and password, then click on the login icon.

Right next to your SEOeStore username, there is a small arrow that you can click on so that the small dropdown menu shows up. You can select “Profile” to get directed to the profile details page where you can have access to your billing info, your email address, your username and password.

At the bottom left side of the page, You will find "Reset Password" title,

under this title there are three requirements to complete the process:
1- Current Password: Enter Your current password
2- New Password: Enter Your new password that you want
3- Confirm New Password: Re-Enter Your new password
Once you have finished, click on "Reset Password" to change your password.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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