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If I write my own article can you tell me how to write press release ?

Articles you provide should be in Press Release format. Here are some of the basic tips.

Here are some of the basic guidelines:

The article needs to be between 350-800 words.
The headline must summarize the article in a single line.
Use a professional tone without exaggeration or hype.
Be neutral and informational, not a salesperson.
Write as a third party and do not use personal pronouns like “we” or “you”.
You may include 1 link for every 250 words (5 links maximum).
You may include 1 image for every 250 words.
The article needs to be written in English.

How to Write a Press Release in Steps?

If you choose to write your own article, please follow writing steps below:

Get Straight to the Point
Start with a Press Release Template
Have a Word Count in Mind
Include Useful and Timely Statistics
Make the Hook Obvious
Supply a Link to High-Quality Images
Include Your Contact Details.

Download our Press Release Template.

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Updated on: 02/08/2022

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