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How to make your Press Release order?

You need to be Logged in so that you have access to this feature and make your Press Release order.

1- First, Log in your account by submitting your username, email address, and password, then click the Login icon.

Click “New Order” icon on the homepage as shown below:

2- You will open a drop-down where you can view the general categories for SEOeStore services, then click “Press Release”

After clicking “Press Release”, you will be directed to the press release homepage where you can learn more about service details and its features including websites list, press release samples, users’ reviews and more.

If you click “Make Order Now!”, you will be directed to the press release service-making-order page where you can view all related features that can be hired while making your order.

These features are “press release writing” & “indexer #3” as it’s shown below:

You can view the Quantity section to determine how many Press Release orders you want for your business as shown below:

You can view the Minimum Quantity for this kind of plan along with the unique domains provided per order and the service price as shown below:

The detailed information required for the Press Release order is to be discussed with the Press Release team on a ticket generated only upon the making of the press release order. However, there is a number of optional information sections under the icon of “Advanced Options” as shown below:

Please note that if you check in the box of any extra feature available for Press Release, the Total Price of the service will change going higher and vice versa.

After you successfully make your Press Release order, a small window will show up to confirm you have successfully made your Press Release order.
You can also view the next steps as shown on the window along with other options like if you want to schedule or make the order again.

If you click the “Order Details Form”, you will be directed to another page where you can view all required information like Brand Name, Contact Email, Contact Email, Country and more optional details if you want to add.
You can also add your Press Release article title you want for your article created by our team or you can just upload your article if you have it ready.

If you scroll down on that page, you can find more details regarding your article like your website or social profile and the desired keywords you want to insert in order to help our Press Release get the best article for you.
There are also other options to consider if you want to add more details.

you can view the related ticket where you can discuss all further required details and info with our Press Release team through the tickets section as shown below:

Your ticket should be under the subject of “Order Delivery” as all you are required to do is to follow up with our team and stay in touch incase of any required information from your end so that your order can be delivered without any delay.

After our team is done with your order, you should get notified via the same ticket and you can get your order report through Reports section as shown below:

Updated on: 12/09/2022

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