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How to withdraw my affiliate earnings?

First, you may want to show your affiliates’ earnings, After logging in and moving to the Affiliate Program page, click on Earnings.

Through this page, you can see details of earning from affiliates: Username, Payment ID, your Commission & Status

Now after checking your earnings, want to withdraw them? there are many Withdrawal Methods you can use any one of them, just follow these steps:

Click on Withdraw icon, and You will be redirected to withdraw page.

In Total Earning box at the right of the page, there is some info you should know:

Total Earning: showing the total of your affiliate earnings whether or not they are withdrawn.

Available: showing available affiliate balance which you can withdraw.

Upcoming Payments: showing expected revenues from pending records.

Already Withdrawn: showing transferred Funds to you.

You can make a withdrawal request of the SEOeStore balance you earned by the affiliate program, picking up the desired amount to be withdrawn and the desired payment method. You can learn more about the available balance to be withdrawn, the upcoming balance and the terms and conditions of the your earnings withdrawal.

Withdrawal Request box: fill in the withdrawal details

Withdrawal Request: Enter the amount you want to withdraw in $

Withdrawal Method: choose the method you want to withdraw balance through PayPal, Bitcoin OR Payoneer.

Click submit to send your request

Note: You can check your Withdrawal processes by clicking on the withdrawal history icon above

👉 “Withdraw History” section is where you view all your withdrawal processes or requests info including status, amount, date, method & transaction number assigned “TXN”

Once your request is accepted, you will receive the amount at the method you chose and the affiliate balance will decrease according to the amount you withdrew.

Notes you should know before sending a request:

Minimum withdrawal request for Account Balance is $1

Minimum withdrawal request is $3 for PayPal

Minimum withdrawal request is $50 for Payoneer

Minimum withdrawal request is $100 for Bitcoin

The Withdrawal request is available only if you have no pending requests

👉 The last section “options” shows the payout information which includes your email address of PayPal, Bitcoin, and Payoneer.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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