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How to earn with SEOeStore affiliate program?

Do you want to be an Affiliate for the panel and earn money? Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can become a panel affiliate.

1- First, you need to log in to your SEOeStore account

2- Scroll down the homepage until you view the page footer where more sections like FAQ, Help Center, and more can be found. You will find our “Affiliate Program” section

3- Clicking Affiliate Program, you will be directed to the affiliate program homepage where you can view different affiliate-related sections like Promotions, Your Affiliates, Earnings, and Withdraw, Withdraw History and Options.

4- You can find the “Get your links” icon to get the referral links that you can use to refer more friends to SEOeStore, getting many benefits.

If you click the icon, you will be directed to the “promotions” section where you can view your referral links and even customize your own referral link according to the plan you want your friends to be referred to.

If you scroll down the “Affiliate Program” homepage, you will learn more about how to affiliate as you will read more about levels and types of referrals. You'll get any questions you may have about the affiliate program answered.

5- If you move to the “Your Affiliates” section, you will view both levels of affiliates which are level 1 & level 2. Also, you can view several benefits of referral regarding new payments and returning clients. Your affiliates will be listed below along with their information like username, status, charges, and Ref.URL.

6- Moving to the next section which is “Earnings”, you can view how much you earned through the affiliate program.

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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