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How to submit Ticket?

If you have an inquiry or face a problem while using our site, you can send us your inquiry or suggestion or any other notes via a new ticket,
and here’s how to do this.

1- Click on the “Tickets” tab from the top menu on SEOeStore homepage

2- After clicking on “Tickets” tab, you will be directed to the tickets homepage where you can file your ticket by clicking on “ Submit New Ticket

1- Category: select your ticket category (Support-Sales-General).

2- Subject: Your ticket subject.

3- Order ID: If your request or your inquiry regarding orders enter the order ID.

4- Message: Your inquiry or your message.

Then click submit new ticket

Your ticket has been successfully sent, Once we receive your message we will work hard to respond to it as soon as possible.

After submitting the ticket it will be awaiting agent

Once our team reply on the ticket, a number next to ticket button appears, this number refers to the number of replied tickets and the status of the ticket will be responded

You can follow up with your already sent tickets to our team.

3- Status of the ticket can help you decide which ticket you need to reply to or which one you need to wait for our team’s response to.

Unread tickets are tickets sent from our team to your end.
Awaiting agent tickets are tickets you sent waiting for our team’s response to it.
Responded tickets are tickets you responded to while waiting for our team’s response.
Solved tickets are tickets including an issue that got solved for you.
Closed tickets are tickets closed by our team.
The All Tickets section shows all types of tickets no matter what their status is.

Your tickets will show at the bottom of the page as each ticket holds certain information like Subject, Category, Order ID, Status & Last update.

Subject = The title chosen for the ticket
Category = The team that is receiving the ticket
Order ID = The number of the order included in the ticket
Status = The status of the ticket (solved, responded, closed, etc)
Last update = The date when the ticket status was updated, whether by getting responded to, solved or closed.

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Updated on: 02/08/2022

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