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How to schedule orders X times for X days (Drip Feed)?

You need to be logged in so that you have access to this feature and schedule your orders.

First, log in your account by submitting username, email address and, password, then click on the login icon.

Click on the “New Order” tab on the SEOeStore homepage.

Click on the last option “Drip Feed”

After clicking on “Drip Feed”, you are going to be directed to the Drip Feed homepage where you can view steps and options for drip feed.

You can either select one of the already placed orders or start creating a new order where you are going to use our drip feed free strategy.

If you go for “SELECT ORDER”, you will view the list of all orders you made on your SEOeStore account so that you pick up the desired order.

Select an order, then press next to be directed to the final Drip Feed page where you will set your Drip Feed settings

You can choose your favorite mode of how many times your order will be repeated and for how long and this is through these settings, then make your order accordingly.
The total price will be determined based on the type of service and the times of repetition.

Updated on: 12/09/2022

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