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Get Started with SEOeStore!

Welcome to SEOeStore Panel,
You can start improving your site's SEO in a few easy steps with SEOeStore.

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You can get quality backlinks in different types with SEOeStore.
SEOeStore will help you improving your website rank on Google; this way, you can get organic search traffic for your website.

Let's start and make the first order together!

Step 1.
Register "Create an account"

To begin with, navigate to the register page.

You can also reach this page by clicking "Register" in the upper-left corner or on homepage of the SEOeStore website.

Clicking "Register" will take you to the account creation page:

Fill out the form being careful to remember your information to avoid problems later on.

Username: Your account username is integral to your account. It is used as a login while accessing the account & for verification purposes while contacting Support.

Note: It is not possible to change the username later, please pick wisely.

Password: Your account password is the first layer of security for your account.

Note: We strongly advise using a strong password.

Email address: The email address would be your account's Primary email. This address will be used for Password Reset operations.

That's it! Your account is created and ready to use now.

A verification email will be sent to the email you used to create your account.

Note: Please check carefully. You May find this mail in the spam or junk mail.

Step 2.
Add Funds

You will need to add funds to your account balance, so you will be able to make your backlinks order.
SEOeStore provides many different payment gateways, You can choose the payment method that you prefer.
The payment methods are: PayPal, Cards (Visa, Master, ... via PayPro Global), Cards (visa, master via TAP), Payoneer, Bitcoin, Airtm, Neteller and Skrill.
There is many other payment options, check with support if your options is not listed.

>> Go to Top Up page, choose the payment method, then complete your payment,
Once your payment is done and confirmed successfully, your funds will be added to your account balance, So you can make your backlinks orders.

Step 3.
Make your single backlinks order

You can make a single order with just a few dollars!

To make a single order, you need to do the following:

First: from "New Order" , select "Backlinks"

You will be directed to the backlinks services list page.

Choose the service that you want to order,
- You can click on " Details " to check the service details
- Click " Make order " to order backlinks in this service.

As shown in the page, there are two main items:

- Direct backlinks:
This option will create backlinks directly pointing to your website/links, this is the normal way of link building.

- Link pyramid:
This will create Tier2 backlinks, which will redirect to your backlinks.
For example, if you have a completed direct backlinks' order, now you can create some backlinks for this order, so the new created links will redirect to your backlinks that will redirect to your website/links.
This process called Link Pyramid.

In the page, you can start making your order:

Featured extras: Select additional service extras that are recommended for you.

Quantity: Backlinks quantity.

Links: Insert Your site links one link per line.

Keywords: Insert Your Keywords to be used to build backlinks. one keyword per line.

Article Category: Select articles category for your keywords, related to your site niche

Finally, you will get the total cost of your order in " Total Price "

Once you have completed all the required fields, click on "Make Order" to get your order ready.

You will then see the order details shown below:

You can schedule your order to be repeated x times for x days, by clicking "Schedule your order"

You can check the status of your order and check the report by entering the Reports page.

Step 3.
Check your Reports!

To check your reports click reports from the top menu of the site

You will be directed to the report page:

You can see that your order is still pending, Once we receive your order and work on it will be Processing, then completed, and you will find a report as .zip file beside it available for download.
Note: Order typically processed in 15 minutes.

In the record menu beside the order ID, you can cancel your order if it's still pending and refund your balance to your account
You can also, clone the order "Copying this order and make a new one with the same details"

Some terms on the page:

Active orders: the orders you submitted and are not completed or you didn't download the report yet.

Pending orders: the orders you submitted and still not processed.

Processing orders: the orders are in processing.

Completed orders: the completed orders, and here you can download the order report.

Unread orders: the completed orders you don't check, or you marked as unread

Starred orders: show the orders you starred

Canceled orders: show canceled orders by you or by the team.

All orders: show all orders you submitted and their status.

You can check each status and its orders by clicking on it.

When your order becomes "Completed", You can download its report by clicking on the "Downloading icon".

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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