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Are the backlinks permanent?

The links are permanent in normal cases, as we use high-quality unique articles in submission and also submit to high-quality sites, but in few cases, the sites may bulk delete accounts/articles or sites may down after some time, so it's about 80% permanent.

For the service such as; web 2.0 premium service, the chance to stay longer will be greater.

As all of the websites are big sites so they may have the ability to store huge DB.

The next point is the quality of the content, as it used human-quality content in submission.

So keep in mind, the higher backlinks quality, the bigger chance to get permanent links.

Want to get backlinks submitted in unique articles, what should I order?

You can go for Web2.0 Blogs Premium (Human Quality Content) for unique articles.

You can also get unique articles feature from multiple services as an extra feature.

What's meant by "Average unique domains" in the service details page?

It means the average number of domains provided per each backlink service and this number is variable as it basically depends on the quantity ordered and the current list of used unique domains which is regularly updated.

Are the backlinks Do-Follow or No-Follow?

Our plans can either provide you with a mix between Do-Follow & No-Follow backlinks or provide you with 100% Do-Follow backlinks.
We have a variety of plans.
You just pick the right plan matching your SEO goals.

Are the backlinks Blackhat or Whitehat?

Making backlinks for your website is a Blackhat technique, while the Whitehat technique doesn't make any backlinks at all.
However, our recently added plan called Press Release is considered a Whitehat technique, because through Press Release, we don't use websites for just posting backlinks on, but websites themselves will naturally talk about the client's brand & site.

What's meant by the extra service "Visits" which is available for certain services?

These visits are hits on your backlinks, and they are not for your website itself.

How can the extra service "Visits" help?

They are for activating your backlinks, Also, they are generated from different browsers and different IPs.

Can I submit my own article to the NOTES section while making any order for any service?

No, you can submit your article to the NOTES section while making an order only for the following services: WEB2.0, DA70+ , DA50+, FM+

Will I receive account credentials on my order report of Web2.0 plans?

Not all web2.0 services are providing account credentials.
You can get account credentials only when you order Web2.0 Blogs Premium & Web2.0 Blogs Dedicated accounts.
Credentials are not available for Web2.0 Blogs Shared accounts.

Can I submit my backlinks in an article in a different language other than English?

Yes, this option is only available when you order Web2.0 Blogs Premium (Human-Quality Content) as the language available for this service are (English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish).
Also, you can enjoy this feature when you hire it as an extra feature when you make an order for certain backlinks services.

Is it safe?

Yes, our quality backlink services like Web2.0, DA plans, and SEnuke campaigns can work on premium sites.
They are totally safe & guaranteed.

What are the social signals?

Social Signals are Likes, Shares, or Views of social media posts including your backlinks.
These social Likes, Shares & Views show your social media followers that your content is useful and relevant which helps activate your backlinks and they are also necessary for search engines.

Are your links contextual backlinks or Profiles backlinks?

Our plans can provide you with a mix of contextual & profile backlinks.
We have a variety of plans. You just pick the right plan matching your SEO goals.

What are the best quality backlinks services for tier 1 backlinks orders?

Press Release, Web2.0 Blogs plans, DA plans, SEO campaigns & The Full Monty.

What is the best indexer to pick up as an extra indexer?

Indexer #3 gives the maximum indexer rate.
This is the best indexer you can pick as an extra feature along with each and every backlink order you make.

Can I add an image to my order?

Yes, you can and it’s only through hiring the extra feature of custom image design which can be found while making an order for Web 2.0 blogs Premium (Human-Quality Content)
for each backlink generated from this kind of service.

What does “100 Unique Articles for submission” mean? Will I get 100 articles If I check in this feature?

“100 Unique Articles for submission” means that our team will combine a total of 100 articles and generate unique articles according to the quantity you already assigned for your backlink order to be used in the link-building submission process.

What does the indexer do?

There are 3 levels of indexer service,

The indexer #1 is a complex process that ensures that all of the backlinks have been crawled by Google spiders, it includes some techniques such as shortening your links, pinging each single link, and creating RSS feeds, creating XML sitemaps... etc.

Indexer #2 will include all processes in Indexer #1 more than 1 time + some extra tactics to get a high indexer rate not only crawled by Google.

Indexer #3 has all processes in Indexer #2 plus submitting each backlink to 1k - 2k of authority filter sites like whois, redirect, stats... etc.

Indexer #3 gives the maximum indexer rate

Why are your SEO services at low prices?

Our services are dedicated to resellers.
Resellers may buy our plans and resell them to end customers.
So SEOeStore cares about providing high quality backlinks services at pretty affordable prices.

Why don’t my links get indexed or appear in backlinks checkers?

Generally, getting your links indexed is important for SEO

There is a premium indexer service as an extra available for all of our services. It gives a high indexer rate.

Indexing your links means that Google search indexes these links and knows about them.

The second point is the backlinks checkers, such as Google webmasters tools and Ahrefs, it takes more bit time after your links are indexed in Google search, about 2 weeks and up to 3 months

Google webmasters tools will show just a few of your total links

We believe that Ahrefs spiders are less powerful than Google but it's still faster and should index most of the backlinks after about 2 weeks and up to 3 months of getting these links indexed in Google search.

What are the available article categories?

Check the available Article Categories

What's the difference between SEO Campaigns?

SEO Campaigns vary in the prices and services details.

The bigger campaign you order, the more backlinks you get per the campaign

Just define the pointer on the price, and you will find the service details below, including the services types, the backlinks quantity and defining which backlinks are tier 1 and which are tier 2

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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